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the question of epic proportion [May. 4th, 2006|09:25 am]
so who would win in a battle... god or science.... and here is the kicker... god is wearing a lab coat

think about it

( for not updating in a year it is pretty pathetic i know )
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hey everyone i am not dead [Dec. 1st, 2005|01:41 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |something]

so i had a thought walking back that was inpired by some chalk graffiti on the ground... it read " i clean your school to feed my family for 7 dollars an hour" and my initial thoght was not aww thats sad... or they should get paid more.. it was wow those people should have went to college so they didn't get stuck with such a crappy job in the first place.. so i am going to hell.... and then after further review i had a revilation.... instead of writing shit on the ground they should have cleaned up my god dam school... it's still a mess...

maybe if they did there job instead of bitching about it they would get a raise or maybe a promotion... i don't know whats up from a janitor
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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2005|04:10 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |G-unit]

so i was in the little thing in hadly that they like to call a gym and there was this fat kid there... and it looks like him mom left him in there while she worked in the community building... i laphed a little in my mind becuase she left a fat kid in the gym.... he was still fat but at least the only thing he could do is work out... i guess thats a good way to get kids in shape... lock them in the gym
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something thats awsome [Aug. 28th, 2005|09:01 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |fall out boy sugar we are going down]

so i walked into mike's room last night and i saw a copy of the beast laying on the floor... not knowing want it was and assuming it was some sort of computer magazine so i continued to read on... the hedline was " Scientiest have recently discoverd that autism is AWESOME!!" i laughed for about 10 minutes...
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2005|09:21 pm]
[mood |hatefull]
[music |mozart]

so i had this utterly offensive thing and my computer decided it was too offensive and it kicked me off so i will write another one... just because i can but this one will be shorter

1) handicap people who can't do anything- well they can't do anything why are we keeping them around.. they are a waste of my space and oxygen.. there are lots of handicap people who are doing something with there lives... be more like them or go away forever

2) people who are on life support- A MACHINE IS BREATHING FOR YOU there are times to let go and if you are on life support let go... it's over you life is only going downhill just give up

3) homosexual males who think that everyone hates them because they are gay- no, everyone hates you because you're an ass.. you just think it's because your gay.. you need to stop hiding behind the gay curtain... step out and be a man... or a bitch whichever you prefer but you really need to stop it's annoying

4) minorities who think the same way as some gays- same as above your not special or a unique snowflake. just deal with it and go on with your life

5) crazy religious crazies- you have a religion great you need something to fall back on when the world dosn't make sense... whatever good for you .... STOP TRYING TO CONVERT ME... i don't like your god... me and him don't get along... he is a dick i am a human...some people don't want to believe the same thing as you and thats ok... you arn't right... in fact your wrong...

6) evey single mathematician that had anything to do with imaginary numbers- i hate you and i truly wish you're dead and your afterlife is in imaginary land where numbers that don't exist raised to a power suddenly become real... fuck you and all your antics you suck at everything especially math

7) people who are overweight- see http://www.livejournal.com/users/hiddenprodigy/22062.html

8)after asking toad something to put in here he replied
toadsk1: I love slaves
toadsk1: Make some retards into slaves

9) people who are mentally challenged- they are faulty people.. they went wrong lets collect our winnings and call it a day... oops you had an extra cromozone baby... let it go... it will probably not grow into anything useful just another permanent child you have to constantly watch over. in the animal kingdom we don't see the mother monkey helping the cripple monkey with 2 legs... we see the cripple monkey getting eaten by the young healthy lion... we need to embrace the circle of life

thats about it... i don't feel like getting to the whole racist aspect... lets just say that evey racial slur that everyone knows... and that will about wrap it up
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math and engineering [Apr. 15th, 2005|12:41 am]
[music |none]

so i have been doing a lot of thinking lately and i realized that maybe i am in the wrong major....i mean granted i like what i do and it's still interests me but i am not that good at it... and the only thing that interests me and i am good at still is math... so i was thinking about a math major... but then i realized that having a math major is more than doing a few derivitives and integration and wham bam your a math phd.... it's a lot harder than that and you have to do proofs and theorys and all that jazz that personally i could live withought... now i have no doubt in my mind that i can graduate this fine estableshment with a bacholors in mathematics... but getting my phd in math... thats a little out there and whats the point of graduating wth a math degree if it isn't a phd... it's rathar pointless you really can't do anything of any significance... so i decided that i am going to ride this engineering train untill something better comes along or i fail out... hopefully neither happens and i become happy and get to make things and work for the greater portion of my life.... i know that sounds terrible but belive it or not i really think i might like my job if i ever get one... i never thought that would come out of my mind... liking a job.... as long as i don't have to do any paperwork..
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2005|01:55 pm]
[mood |just rode the subway]
[music |screeching weasel /xzibit (it switched just as i typed this)]

so eveyone who is surprised by the snow really needs to look at a map... your in New York...( if not this dosn't apply to you) what else did you expect... your life wouldn't be complete if we didn't have a freak snowstorm in the beginning of april... i am ashamed at anyone who lived in buffalo for more than a year and is surprised by this snow
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CRAZY [Feb. 16th, 2005|10:53 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |the mr t experience lets be together tonight]

so i have to say if i were to leave right now and some complete stranger were to come and look at my desk they would know for a fact that i am an engineering student..... this is whats in front of me... 1) a mechanics of materials book
1) a dynamics book 2) a whole stack of engineering paper 3) a paper airplane that is compiised of 5 seperate pieces stapled together with proper weights to make it fly 5) my dynamics homework. 8) an eraser with 3 intercecting circles inscribed in it. 13) a calculator 21) a mechanical pencil 34) a dilbert doll
55) countless homeworks/notes from this and past semesters. 89) burried under the said homework /notes a statisistics and probability book (not the one for my class) 144) the phone book 233) all the letters from people who care about me (mostly danielle one from my mom and a valenties card/piece of paper from mike)

and yes i did do the numbering like that for a reason thank you very much....

and on a side note that i won't get into is .... how cool is newtons 2nd law..... ohh it's very cool if you didn't know
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all myths..... real results.... [Feb. 10th, 2005|11:52 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |myth busters]

this journal is dedicated to myth busters.... i have watched 5 of them all with about 3 myths.... so here are a few myths that are true or BUSTED!!!

1)dropping a hammer from a drop of 200 feet into a body of water will break the seal of water and allow you to fall withought serious damage..
- it will reduce the amount of G's by 5-10 but that is nowhere near enouph to save your life because the fall is too great. Myth BUSTED!!!

2) it is possible for someone to be buried alive and still be living when they are exumed a few days/weeks later.
- in newer coffins being burried almost 5 feet under the casket starts to buckle under the stress and all the air in your coffin will pose you to survive for 3 hours before there is a dangerous amount of carbon dioxide.. Myth BUSTED!!

3) the proporties of cola it can A) clean chrome bumpers TRUE
B) dissolve a steak BUSTED
C) dissolve a tooth BUSTED (turns it a gross color)
D) clean blood semi-TRUE (cleaned it alright but not spectacular)
E) clean a penny TRUE
F) Clean an engine BUSTED

4)Myth.. a man pulling up 500 pounds of bricks in a bucket slips the bucket falls shooting the man in the air the bucket breaks all the bricks fall out the man is now heavier than the barrel so the man falls down lets go of the rope and the bucket falls on his head but he does not die

- this is possible if the bucket is very week but the man will die under the force of the bucket and the initial fall

5) Myth A man urinates on an electric rail and gets shocked killing him...

- BUSTED. he would have to be urinating 3 inches from the electic rail and he would have to be no wearing shoes and have the ground benieth him wet

6) MYTH.. wallets made of eel skin can wipe out credit cards becuase the leather was made from an electic eel

- BUSTED.. it would require a charge of 1000 gauss to wipe out a credit card... nothing produces that much not even a electic eel

7) a small hole in a airplane at high altitues can cause an explosion decompression sucking eveything out the plane

- BUSTED.... nothing will happen the hole has to be at least 2 feet in diameter to thow anything out but there will be no sucking ouit as shown in the movies

8) if a steal cable is tied to the rear axil of a car and a telephone plole the rear axil will get ripped off

- BUSTED.... not possible the axil will have to be weakend 90 percent of the way and the car would have to be on a ramp to take the whole axil off

9) MYTH... a man blown a fuse in his truck and he put a bullet into the fuse box and the bullet exploded and shot him in hte testecles....

- true.... if the car were to have a short the bullet would fire.... at the man's package

10) Myth... lightning stikes a person with body piercings before a normal person....

- busted... the only way this would happen is if the person had a large amounts of large piercings...tounge rings have no effect on the persons conductivitiy or resistance to lightning

11)this tribe made a cannon out of a tree overnight and used it in a battle and it exploded taking out there army....

- BUSTED this cannot be made in one day with medievil tools.... the only way it would explode is if the people used 5 pounds of gunpowder

12) using various idems can fool a beathalizer test...

- BUSTED... you can't fool it no matter what

13) a car which someone dies in and began to rot will retain the smell in the car and it will not be able to sell it

- it will retain the smell but people still bought it for parts

14) MYTH a man crawls down a 3 foot wide drainage pipe chasing a racoon and with his can of gas lights a match and get rocketed out of the tube landing 200 feet...

- BUSTED you would need a 1000 pound charge and foam around him to cause a rocket effect..

15) the people escape from " THE ROCK " and landed to the land safley

- TRUE they landed on land safely

16) ducks quack do not echo
- BUSTED they in fact do but the echo sounds exacly like the ducks quack

thats about it....hope you enjoy
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my awsome awsome dynamics teacher [Feb. 8th, 2005|06:57 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Less Than Jake -- Magnetic North]

so my teachers have to be the coolest this semester.... mostly becuase of my probibility and statistics and random variables... i don't know exacly what to call this class but the text book said " Probibility and random processes with applications to signal processing" so you can decide yourself....but on to my second favorite teacher... his name is Gary Dargush... and the only reason i think i like him so far is that next thursday i would be experienceing 3 tests in the same day.... not only that... i had one test at 11 and then i had a 4 hour break and i would have non-stop exams and they would be my 2 hardest dynamics and mechanics of solds....2 classes that i am not looking forward to... but thats a whole other story.... anyway... my teacher took this painstaking 3 hours of exams into account and he re-schedualed his test to fit wiht our mechanics tests... what a nice guy.... all my other teachres i won't name any names Errington.... Ahmad.... khenner.... crazy professors but yeah that was nice of him to think of his students like that..... now on to my favoite

Adly Fam.... this man is CRAZY and he is awsome.... we had a quiz today and he said this " if you choose to do the extra credit... you will get 5 points... and if you draw my cat... Gargemesh (some crazy name kind of like gargamel from smurfs) who is a 26 pound cat who cannot fit through the cat door and i don't know what i am going to do with him... he is such a fat cat you will get -1 points..." now take that and say it with a german accent... it's a good time.... he is really funny because he will make fun of you to your face... and all you can do is laph at him becuase he is soo funny.... ohh well thats all i got for my teachers...

so on an unrelated topic i have been watching a lot of myth busters... so soon i will know about all the common myths and know wheater or not they are true.... it's very exciting

another note... on my way back from visiting danielle i was driving back and i was going down hill and you can't really control your speed when you go down those hills and on the bottom was a cop.... i was going about 70 in a 55 but luckaly there was a car behind me so i lucked out becuase he the cop didn't pull out.... i am going to say it's the luck of the irish.... they sure had me there...

another fun fact...you get wetter running in the rain than you do walking... true story learned it on myth busters....

last thing i promise... so for my one of my assignments in my arcitecture class i have to go eat at a non-chain ethnic resturant and i have to eat something that i have never tried/heard of.... it's going to be fun and i can't wait to drag danielle along to some crazy resturant where we sit on the floors and eat crazy things.... it's going to be a fun time... she always does these fun things with me and thats why i love her.....

i will end with another myth busters fact: a penny falling at terminal velocity { between 35-60 mph) dropped off the emipre state building will not kill/injure anyone it will sting but leave no cut or bruise.... true story...
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