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my awsome awsome dynamics teacher - God in paper form [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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my awsome awsome dynamics teacher [Feb. 8th, 2005|06:57 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Less Than Jake -- Magnetic North]

so my teachers have to be the coolest this semester.... mostly becuase of my probibility and statistics and random variables... i don't know exacly what to call this class but the text book said " Probibility and random processes with applications to signal processing" so you can decide yourself....but on to my second favorite teacher... his name is Gary Dargush... and the only reason i think i like him so far is that next thursday i would be experienceing 3 tests in the same day.... not only that... i had one test at 11 and then i had a 4 hour break and i would have non-stop exams and they would be my 2 hardest dynamics and mechanics of solds....2 classes that i am not looking forward to... but thats a whole other story.... anyway... my teacher took this painstaking 3 hours of exams into account and he re-schedualed his test to fit wiht our mechanics tests... what a nice guy.... all my other teachres i won't name any names Errington.... Ahmad.... khenner.... crazy professors but yeah that was nice of him to think of his students like that..... now on to my favoite

Adly Fam.... this man is CRAZY and he is awsome.... we had a quiz today and he said this " if you choose to do the extra credit... you will get 5 points... and if you draw my cat... Gargemesh (some crazy name kind of like gargamel from smurfs) who is a 26 pound cat who cannot fit through the cat door and i don't know what i am going to do with him... he is such a fat cat you will get -1 points..." now take that and say it with a german accent... it's a good time.... he is really funny because he will make fun of you to your face... and all you can do is laph at him becuase he is soo funny.... ohh well thats all i got for my teachers...

so on an unrelated topic i have been watching a lot of myth busters... so soon i will know about all the common myths and know wheater or not they are true.... it's very exciting

another note... on my way back from visiting danielle i was driving back and i was going down hill and you can't really control your speed when you go down those hills and on the bottom was a cop.... i was going about 70 in a 55 but luckaly there was a car behind me so i lucked out becuase he the cop didn't pull out.... i am going to say it's the luck of the irish.... they sure had me there...

another fun fact...you get wetter running in the rain than you do walking... true story learned it on myth busters....

last thing i promise... so for my one of my assignments in my arcitecture class i have to go eat at a non-chain ethnic resturant and i have to eat something that i have never tried/heard of.... it's going to be fun and i can't wait to drag danielle along to some crazy resturant where we sit on the floors and eat crazy things.... it's going to be a fun time... she always does these fun things with me and thats why i love her.....

i will end with another myth busters fact: a penny falling at terminal velocity { between 35-60 mph) dropped off the emipre state building will not kill/injure anyone it will sting but leave no cut or bruise.... true story...

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[User Picture]From: hiddenprodigy
2005-02-11 12:42 pm (UTC)
NO!!!!! BAD ALYCIA!!! ya know those signs in the zoo that say "dont feed the bears" ? well theres one for shawn that says "don't feed the addiction"..............its BAD, VERY BAD!!! now go sit in the corner and dont move until i say so!
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