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all myths..... real results.... [Feb. 10th, 2005|11:52 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |myth busters]

this journal is dedicated to myth busters.... i have watched 5 of them all with about 3 myths.... so here are a few myths that are true or BUSTED!!!

1)dropping a hammer from a drop of 200 feet into a body of water will break the seal of water and allow you to fall withought serious damage..
- it will reduce the amount of G's by 5-10 but that is nowhere near enouph to save your life because the fall is too great. Myth BUSTED!!!

2) it is possible for someone to be buried alive and still be living when they are exumed a few days/weeks later.
- in newer coffins being burried almost 5 feet under the casket starts to buckle under the stress and all the air in your coffin will pose you to survive for 3 hours before there is a dangerous amount of carbon dioxide.. Myth BUSTED!!

3) the proporties of cola it can A) clean chrome bumpers TRUE
B) dissolve a steak BUSTED
C) dissolve a tooth BUSTED (turns it a gross color)
D) clean blood semi-TRUE (cleaned it alright but not spectacular)
E) clean a penny TRUE
F) Clean an engine BUSTED

4)Myth.. a man pulling up 500 pounds of bricks in a bucket slips the bucket falls shooting the man in the air the bucket breaks all the bricks fall out the man is now heavier than the barrel so the man falls down lets go of the rope and the bucket falls on his head but he does not die

- this is possible if the bucket is very week but the man will die under the force of the bucket and the initial fall

5) Myth A man urinates on an electric rail and gets shocked killing him...

- BUSTED. he would have to be urinating 3 inches from the electic rail and he would have to be no wearing shoes and have the ground benieth him wet

6) MYTH.. wallets made of eel skin can wipe out credit cards becuase the leather was made from an electic eel

- BUSTED.. it would require a charge of 1000 gauss to wipe out a credit card... nothing produces that much not even a electic eel

7) a small hole in a airplane at high altitues can cause an explosion decompression sucking eveything out the plane

- BUSTED.... nothing will happen the hole has to be at least 2 feet in diameter to thow anything out but there will be no sucking ouit as shown in the movies

8) if a steal cable is tied to the rear axil of a car and a telephone plole the rear axil will get ripped off

- BUSTED.... not possible the axil will have to be weakend 90 percent of the way and the car would have to be on a ramp to take the whole axil off

9) MYTH... a man blown a fuse in his truck and he put a bullet into the fuse box and the bullet exploded and shot him in hte testecles....

- true.... if the car were to have a short the bullet would fire.... at the man's package

10) Myth... lightning stikes a person with body piercings before a normal person....

- busted... the only way this would happen is if the person had a large amounts of large piercings...tounge rings have no effect on the persons conductivitiy or resistance to lightning

11)this tribe made a cannon out of a tree overnight and used it in a battle and it exploded taking out there army....

- BUSTED this cannot be made in one day with medievil tools.... the only way it would explode is if the people used 5 pounds of gunpowder

12) using various idems can fool a beathalizer test...

- BUSTED... you can't fool it no matter what

13) a car which someone dies in and began to rot will retain the smell in the car and it will not be able to sell it

- it will retain the smell but people still bought it for parts

14) MYTH a man crawls down a 3 foot wide drainage pipe chasing a racoon and with his can of gas lights a match and get rocketed out of the tube landing 200 feet...

- BUSTED you would need a 1000 pound charge and foam around him to cause a rocket effect..

15) the people escape from " THE ROCK " and landed to the land safley

- TRUE they landed on land safely

16) ducks quack do not echo
- BUSTED they in fact do but the echo sounds exacly like the ducks quack

thats about it....hope you enjoy

[User Picture]From: hellomynameisop
2005-02-11 12:16 pm (UTC)
uh...you just made some of that stuff up, you also left a lot out.
the bullet/fuse thing: the casing isnt held fast so it flies backward absorbing some/most of the energy->bullet causes no injury to package.

"you would need a 1000 pound charge and foam around him to cause a rocket effect..". nope, but thats what they did.

"TRUE they landed on land safely".
you dont know that and niether do they. which is why they said "we dont know what happened"

"the only way it would explode is if the people used 5 pounds of gunpowder"
nope, but thats what they did, and it worked.

"he axil will have to be weakend 90 percent of the way and the car would have to be on a ramp to take the whole axil off"
nope, but thats what they did, and it was cool as hell cuz it was a cop car.

myth busted
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[User Picture]From: hellomynameisop
2005-02-11 12:17 pm (UTC)
(the myth that sharrnold doesnt suck!)
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[User Picture]From: sharrnold
2005-02-11 07:17 pm (UTC)


ok first off the bullet didn't do that much damage to buster... and sure the caseing dosn't have a backing so it does abdorb some of the energy but if you to pay attention the bullets did put a hole in his pants and if it were in fact a human there skin is a lot weaker than busters plastic coating ( it did even leave some small cuts on his skin)

secondly to the alcatriz escape... the myth was that they made a raft out of raincoats (true) and they thought they went to the angel islands which they coudln't have because of the tides... they didn't know exacly what happend but the myth busters proved that they could have in fact made it to a land body...

and finally to the rest of your comments... i said the myth was busted... so therefor it cannot happen the way the myth was stated.... afterwards i told the reader what conditions needed to happen in order for these experiments to become sucsessful...
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[User Picture]From: hellomynameisop
2005-02-11 08:18 pm (UTC)

Re: reply

they COULD HAVE made it. theoretically.

"afterwards i told the reader what conditions needed to happen in order for these experiments to become sucsessful."
no you didnt, you just summed up how they re-created the myth.
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[User Picture]From: zombiesmustdie
2005-02-11 04:35 pm (UTC)
i hope you realize that using that many 1's and 0's to talk about a TV show make you a horrible, horrible shell of a man.

the interweb is serious business and no place for fittle-fattle.
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[User Picture]From: windex_drinker
2005-02-11 05:27 pm (UTC)
you need to start drinking more or something, because you have too much free time
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[User Picture]From: hellomynameisop
2005-02-11 08:18 pm (UTC)
he posted about mythbusters because he's dehydrated?
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