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math and engineering [Apr. 15th, 2005|12:41 am]
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so i have been doing a lot of thinking lately and i realized that maybe i am in the wrong major....i mean granted i like what i do and it's still interests me but i am not that good at it... and the only thing that interests me and i am good at still is math... so i was thinking about a math major... but then i realized that having a math major is more than doing a few derivitives and integration and wham bam your a math phd.... it's a lot harder than that and you have to do proofs and theorys and all that jazz that personally i could live withought... now i have no doubt in my mind that i can graduate this fine estableshment with a bacholors in mathematics... but getting my phd in math... thats a little out there and whats the point of graduating wth a math degree if it isn't a phd... it's rathar pointless you really can't do anything of any significance... so i decided that i am going to ride this engineering train untill something better comes along or i fail out... hopefully neither happens and i become happy and get to make things and work for the greater portion of my life.... i know that sounds terrible but belive it or not i really think i might like my job if i ever get one... i never thought that would come out of my mind... liking a job.... as long as i don't have to do any paperwork..