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update update update [Jan. 16th, 2005|09:48 pm]
[mood |i am getting a cold!!!!!!]
[music |DMX A'Yo Kato]

so whats happening in the world of sharrnold you may be asking yourself.... or maybe your reading this because your bored and hey livejournals are a GREAT waste of time... so whatever your reasoining for reading this is i hope you enjoy
well you won't enjoy i mean it's a waste of time... but i hope it wastes your time well...

so my vacation you may ask.... it was a lot of down time and A LOT of Danielle time... which in my book is time well spent... out of the 30 some odd days we were off from school..... 30 of those days i spent with danielle and i still managed to fit in all my other friends who had the time for me... we had out ups and downs.... we lost steve's knife in the snow.... then a mear 48 hours later i recovered it (thank you chuck norris)......

midnight bowling is fun... we did that TWICE... my only quarral with that is the insanlely loud music... just turn it down a little becasue around 2 am you start to get a headace and bowling just goes downhill from there.. well by downhill i mean you start bowling poorly so that really isn't that big of deal but hey..... to some people it is.... and i have to say that danielle suprised us all with her perfect game... and we didn't think she could roll... she obviously showed us.... and by perfect game i mean she slaughtered us we didn't even have a chance.... by the time she hit the 4th stike we knew it was over....so i have to give her props because she definitly showed us.... go Danielle.. (she got a total of 5 strikes)

before i end this i just have to say that i am really looking forward to writting letters....my beautiful and wonderfull girlfriend gave me this stamp wax thing.... and i LOVE it.... magnificant.... it was by far the best gift anyone has ever gotten me because i had no clue what it would be and nothing beats a good surprise... and i havent been surprised with a gift in over 10 years and i have to say it feels good and thats why i love her and i am going to keep her around.....

so to conclude this journal i will have to say 90% of this break was magnificant.... the 10 percent was the dreams about me going bald..... i HATE THOSE DREAMS... becasue then you all wake up and are like.... OMG am i going bald and you have to check and then you realize that you still have all your hair.... and then you go back to bed.... maybe it was less than 10 percent of my break but dam i hated it....
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Finals [Dec. 13th, 2004|10:43 am]
[mood |finals]
[music |finals]

so fuck finals... i am going to punch evey final in the face...untill they are like back off we are only pieces of paper..... bithces
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THE END OF NEWYORK [Dec. 6th, 2004|03:06 pm]
[mood |shockedshocked]
[music |run-D.M.C raising hell]

so i was watching the discovery channel... becuase i am a nerd... and they were talking about the mega tsunami caused by a massive landslide... and they had all these simulations of what will happen whem trillian tons of rock get forced into the ocean...causing a tidal wave that is 600 meters high and 300 kilometers long.... this would then travel across the ocean and then hit the east coast with a force like no other.. these landslides are usually caused by volcanic eruptions and the LaPloma island is a volcano island and WILL collapse some time in hte near futrue... and when this happens it will destroy the coast of the eastern seaboard... miami boston new york all will be destroyed this tidal wave will travel about 12 miles into the land and destroy everything in it's way.... how unreal is that.... i mean granted these volcanic eruptions don't happen for thousands and thousands of years... but this one is due to erupt sooner than any other one in the world.... and it might not collapse for a thousand years but it all depends on the collapse... and if it does collapse i don't want to live anywhere near those citites.... but i think it would be fun.... our only defence is to make california collapse in the sea and take out some other country... it gives a whole new meaning for water warfare.....

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KITTY KUNG FU! [Dec. 3rd, 2004|12:05 pm]
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mmmmmm- snack!! [Dec. 3rd, 2004|12:00 pm]
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I CAN FLY!!!! [Dec. 3rd, 2004|11:58 am]
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CAT FIGHT! [Dec. 3rd, 2004|11:56 am]
[music |la de da de da--MUSIC]

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SUPER CAT!!!! [Dec. 3rd, 2004|11:54 am]
[music |again---NOT DANIELLE]



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AHHHHHH!!!! [Dec. 3rd, 2004|11:48 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |not the sounds of Danielle updating-----cuz she didnt!]

grrrrrr! im ferocious!!!

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highschool [Nov. 30th, 2004|04:12 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Millencolin Vixen]

so i was thinking about highschool today... just one of those ramdom thoughts while i was walking back from class and i can't remember almost anything from those years.... there are a few things that i remember because they were soo routine for me that even if i wanted to i coudn't forget like eveymorning i would hang out near the vending machines with the kids.... but other than that.... i got nothing... i guess it is good... highschool was a waste anyway... and that was a whole 3 years ago....thats a long time and i remember waiting for highschool to be over... and freshman year i was like ohh only 4 years of this... now 7 years later... i am doing the same thing with college... compeltly forgetting my highschool days.... don't get me wrong... this isn't a bad thing at all... fuck highschool... college is where it's at anyway.... and i am having soo much more fun here than i ever could in highschool.......

end post....
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